Exhibiting at The Bakery Gallery

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The Bakery Gallery is a high quality display venue located within the foothills of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. Operating from within The 1812 Theatre, a revered community theatre dating back to the 1940s and visited by 12,000 people every year, The Bakery Gallery offers artists all over Melbourne an outstanding level of service. Artists, new and emerging, could ask for little more from an exhibition space in terms of quality and availability of facilities.

Operating from a modern ‘Black Box’ exhibition space, The Bakery Gallery provides a stunning atmosphere for the presentation of art works of diverse mediums and styles. Combined with wall to wall downlights, artists can be confident that their work will stand out beautifully against the Gallery’s dark walls. Picture rails fitted on every display wall offer premium flexibility for hanging works to the artist's liking.

The desirability of The Bakery Gallery begins not only with the exhibition space itself, but also with the venue and community that surrounds it. Situated within the premises of The 1812 Theatre, The Bakery Gallery is proud to share in the Theatre’s magnificent venue and seven decades of history as a major source of entertainment for the Knox region. The Theatre’s many facilities include a large auditorium decorated to a ‘Napoleonic’ style, bar and point of sale, two kitchens, spacious bathrooms with disabled access and ample parking.


The Bakery Gallery invites applications from all emerging and established artists together with Curators, artist collectives and festivals.

We welcome applications of all mediums including painting, photography and sculpture. Multimedia works will be considered on a case by case basis. Applications for multimedia work should take into consideration the open plan of the exhibition space and artists are welcome to consult with Bakery Gallery staff regarding the availability of additional facilities such as power and extension cords. Special equipment, such as projectors, must generally be provided by the artist. Some equipment may be available on request depending on the artist's specific needs.

All exhibition applications are reviewed and judged by the Bakery Gallery’s Curatorial Committee.

FOR THREE-DIMENSIONAL WORKS. Sculptures etc. placed within approximately one metre of any nominated wall space will be charged according to the listed rental fee for that wall. Artists may also nominate to exhibit 3D works in the centre of the Gallery as indicated in the Gallery listing below.



Pay rental fee to nominated account supplied on invoice by the due date.

Provide 1MB promotional photos of exhibited works by date specified in your contract. If assistance is required with creating pictures of sufficient quality please notify Bakery Gallery Staff as soon as possible.

Transport work to Bakery Gallery on or prior to installation date/s and collect from Bakery Gallery within seven days of exhibition closing. (Please note that as our space is shared with a busy theatre company it is important that we keep to schedule to not interfere with performances/rehearsals)

Installing/deinstalling your show. Assistance will be provided by gallery staff but must be completed within timeframe specified in artist’s contract.

If desired any special insurance for the duration of your exhibition.

Any unique or additional equipment required including media technology and special plinths (The Bakery Gallery has a limited quantity of plain black timber plinths available for use).

A list of all works to be included in your exhibition by the due date in your contract.

Returning the gallery space to its original condition after the exhibition closes including repainting walls, removing all art works and returning tools. The Gallery provides black paint for retouching.



Host exhibition for the duration of the theatre season agreed by the artist and the Curatorial Committee.

Host and cater official gallery opening for every season.

Promotion of your show on social media (Facebook and Instagram).

Emailed invitation to The Bakery Gallery mailing list.

Assistance with installing/deinstalling exhibition.

Provide basic tools (ladder, hammer, nails, screws, drill, and level).

Supervise Gallery space during public performances in The 1812 Theatre. Exhibitors may request the space to be open for additional times during the exhibition season but this must be organized in advance with The Bakery Gallery Curator and subject to availability. To have The Bakery Gallery open from 10.00am to 5.00pm for an additional day will incur a fee of $100  in addition to the original rental fee. This extra exhibiting time fee is standard and is not influenced by the size of the artist’s exhibition. All fees must be paid in full prior to any additional opening hours being booked.

Set up and clean up on opening night.

The gallery will take a 20% commission on all after-tax sales.



Please familiarize yourself with the space before applying.

In your application, number the gallery spaces in order of preference.

The Gallery is open to the public during each of our four theatre seasons in The Lowe Theatre. These seasons typically last three to four weeks with performances occurring Wednesday to Saturday evening and two Sunday matinees.

The Theatre and exhibition space will be open by 7.30 pm every performance evening and close approximately 10.30 pm. Some variation may occur depending on the length of the theatre performance.



Season 1  22 February - 17 March

Season 2  17 May - 9 June

Season 3  26 July - 18 August

Season 4 15 November - 8 December



Gallery 1 (11.3 m wall length): $350

Gallery 2 (17.4 m wall length): $450

Gallery 3 (6.3 m wall length): $250

Plinth Displays (Centre of the Gallery, please specify expected size): $350



Applications to exhibit at The Bakery Gallery during our 2018 season must be submitted by 9.00am Wednesday the 7th of February to mattd@1812theatre.com.au using the form supplied above. Please submit this form together with your artist's CV and links to any personal websites.